Excerpt From: Green Car Reports Dec 1, 2015

“This week, representatives from world governments are meeting in Paris for the much-anticipated United Nations summit on climate change.

Ahead of those talks–which are intended to create a global strategy for radically reducing carbon emissions–some of the world’s richest people announced their own plan to slow climate change.

More than 20 billionaires, including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, signed on to the new Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

Members of the group have pledged to invest in clean energy in order to accelerate its advancement, according to Forbes.

In statements on its website, the coalition says the urgency of climate change requires an aggressive program of investment to quickly expand clean-energy adoption.

It styles itself as a public-private partnership, claiming that current levels of government funding are inadequate for meaningful continued development of clean-energy technologies…” – To read the complete article click here.

Resource: Green Car Reports

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