Formula E

Clean Energy Motorsports - Formula E

Formula E is an exciting new racing series featuring single seater cars powered by electricity. Beginning in September 2014 with ten teams, the series has completed their first season. Each team has two drivers and much like Formula 1, races take place place in some of the leading cities of the world. The main difference in Formula E is that these cars compete powered exclusively by electricity. Formula E is the first series of its kind, but certainly not the last. Formula E is now in their second season and the series is growing in size and popularity.

Learn more at the official FIA Formula E Championship website:

Formula E marks a beginning¬†chapter in the history of Clean Energy Motorsports. Even Formula 1 now uses a hybrid V6 turbo motor as regulated by the FIA. The energy recovery system provides a significant amount of power in conjunction with the V-6 turbo and as a result F1 cars have much greater torque than they’ve had in recent years. Formula E with all electric power is the future of racing and that future begins now.

Racing has been a favorite sport of mankind since before the invention of the wheel. Running races on foot, on horseback, then chariot races, horse and buggy or wagon, let’s face it, we love to compete in races!

Motorsports were invented nearly as soon as the first motor was attached to propel the wheels of a “horseless carriage”. Whatever the conveyance, we are ready to race. Now is the time for electric racing and Clean Energy Motorsports!

Clean Energy Motorsports - Formula E

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