The Renovo Coupe from Renovo Motors on Vimeo.

A new player in the all electric car market entered with a big splash at Pebble Beach where the Renovo EV Coupe was revealed. The classic part of the equation is the body/chassis supplied by Shelby America with power and efficiency supplied by mid-mounted twin sequential axial-flux motors. Renovo is a Silicon Valley based company and they have developed this car in “stealth mode” over the last four years. With this combination of the classic CSX9000 chassis supplied by Shelby American and powered with mid-mounted 500-horsepower 1,000 pounds-feet motors supplied energy by proprietary modular li-ion batteries, the car promises a thrilling driving experience.

“Our motivation to design and build our cars is not artificially tied to any particular propulsion technology,” says Jason Stinson, Renovo Motors CTO. “Simply put, we can do things with electric vehicles that can’t be replicated by any other platform. Exploring these areas, reducing them to practice, and building them into our products is at the core of what we do best.”

Renovo says deliveries for the limited-production car are scheduled to begin in 2015. Price will reportedly be $529,000. Who could honestly say they would not want to drive a vehicle like this? Visit the Renovo website for more info.

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