Tesla Energy Storage, Japan Hydrogen Push, Mitsubishi Concept Car

A lot of great clean energy news in this report today. Tesla has a plan to sell batteries for home energy storage. This seems so logical in light of the fact that Tesla is moving forward with its Mega Battery Factory. They may as well cover as many markets as possible.

Toyota, Honda, and Nissan plan to collaborate to expand hydrogen fueling infrastructure in Japan.

Also, the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV makes its North American debut at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

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The Mitsubishi Grand Cruiser Plug-In Hybrid–is a full-size sport-utility vehicle almost the size of the better-known Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition

A concept car now, it is unknown when it may be in production for North America.


There is so much going on today in the clean energy world it is hard to keep up. Stay tuned!

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Resource: GreenCarReports.com

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